Daaaaay One

It's entirely possible that you'll notice I use movie quotes with reckless abandon. It's not a bug; it's a feature. Bonus points for the movie that my post title is from. Hint: it's animated.

I've chosen dimmer colors for this blog for those of you who, like me, can get headaches from too much whiteness blaring at you. Also, it saves energy to have dark screens. W00t for saving the environment, one pixel at a time.

All right, let's be serious for a tic. The purpose of this blog is to help promote awareness of my writing. If you like what you read here, please share. Let me know, let others know. Robert Jordan I'm not, but I do know a dangling participle when I see one, and you'll never find a run-on sentence in my works.

That's right, I'm very nearly a Grammar Nazi. I'd imagine the difference between me and them is that I won't hold your feet to the fire if I find a mistake. I'll try and explain the rules for how to fix it, so that you can fish out all similar mistakes yourself.

I guess that makes me a Grammar Geek.

My writing is often adventure fantasy, with a healthy dose of combat, so if that appeals, you've come to the right place. I've played the odd D&D campaign, and run a few myself, back in the day. I'm a proud member of Clan Hackenslash, in that battles and duels are always interesting to me. I hold the rank of shodan (a first-degree black belt) in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu, so my fight scenes aren't too shabby--I usually find myself toning down the details of the action.

Other writings of mine, usually short stories, can wander further afield. I write historical fiction from time to time, as well as science fiction, humor and dark fantasy, sometimes in combination. Horror and romance hold similar lack of appeal for me, both as reader and writer. I don't like others forcing me toward the emotions they want me to feel; I like to come up with them on my own.

My first novel, The Wicked Heroine, is due out in the spring of 2010. I hope to have cover art + link around the New Year for you all. Its sequel, Oathen, comprises the second half of the Legend of the Shanallar duology, and will likely make its appearance sometime after that, unless the space-time contiuum goes haywire again.

Again? you ask.

Yes. You wouldn't remember it happening the first time, would you? Heh. I love time quandaries.

I'm currently drawing the map for the duology. Black ballpoint pen on printer paper. It's easier than I thought! And yet, I somehow still suck at it. I think I can get something that might pass muster in another half dozen tries. Thank God that printer paper is thin enough to trace through.

Take care, all, and thank you for visiting.

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