YA Compatible

YA compatible (adj): describes a story that, while written for an adult audience, does not contain the standard ingredients (sex, gore, profanity, etc) which would preclude it from being considered generally acceptable to Young Adult-aged readers.

I coined this term a short while ago, and find it seems pretty self-explanatory. (I'm claiming to have coined it because, having Googled it both alone and with several other writing terms, I got zero hits. Maybe I'll get one after posting this?) I'm using it to describe The Wicked Heroine, and it will also fit Oathen, its sequel. In fact, this generally describes my entire writing style, as I personally don't enjoy reading sex scenes, excessive bloody spatterings, and scatologically-enhanced f-bombs, and don't use them in anything I compose myself.

So if you enjoy a cleaner, freer reading experience, in contrast to the more gritty, darker fantasy stories out there, try my works.

I'm also pleased to present my Kindleboards-hosted novel profile page, where you can check out The Wicked Heroine, including reading a free sample, as well as view my other Amazon works. Many thanks to Harvey for his excellent generosity in creating these.

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  1. Elatedness abounds! I *still* need to read The Wicked Heroine. I'm a bad friend. I have it on Kindle for Mac, but one day, when I have expendable cash, I will be purchasing it so you'll autograph it for me and leave me my personalized note on page 87. ;o)