It's That Time: Selecting the Future

I hoped I would never have to make this decision, but sadly it seems I do not control the universe. Curses! So here I am, faced with a wild imbalance in sales on Amazon vs. Nook. I had a brief discussion with Brian Kittrell, author of the Mages of Bloodmyr books and others, on the topic of exclusivity, which was prompted by this post (which you should read, as it is very in-depth) by popular indie writer and champion J.A. Konrath, on his blog, A Newbie's Guide to Publishing. And after thinking this issue over very seriously for several weeks, before and after the post and the conversation, I think I have to admit what Mr. Konrath has already concluded: sometimes, exclusivity is actually a good thing, because that's how your readers find you.

At one point this month, my Amazon-to-Nook sales ratio was 50:1. Now it's more like 200:1. In the face of numbers like these, I honestly can't think of a single reason to say No to the borrows and freebie opportunities that the Kindle Select program offers.

However, I do love my fans, and I know that the Nook users will be very disappointed to learn of this decision. Fear not, loyal Nook readers. I always upload my books DRM-free. Please see this page on my website on how to transform a Kindle file into a Nook (or any other format) file, so that you can still continue to enjoy my books.

As soon as Barnes & Noble unpublishes my book file, I will enter Rebel Elements into the Kindle Select program for 90 days and see what happens. I have high hopes, or I wouldn't be taking this step. If you are curious for more information or puzzled as to why this seems like a good option, I urge you to check out the Q&A section in the second half of Mr. Konrath's post. Reading his post and his answers helped me clarify a lot of my own feelings and enabled me to see with plenty of clarity the issues I personally face, so that I could make this decision with confidence.

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