The Rebel Elements Rap

So, I guess I half-woke this morning just before 7 am and jotted down a rap about my latest book. Which is weird, because I'm really more of a soundtrack girl, but there you are. My subconscious wants to rap, I let it rap. As long as it doesn't make me wake up all the way. I found these lyrics in my bedside notebook when I really woke up, two hours later. (God bless Sundays and kids getting their own breakfast!)

Hot Rage

I wake up in the mornin', I'm composin' ma tweets
Gotta tell the Twitterverse all about ma story deets
Got a hero on the loose
And his magic don't make sense,
Sayin' hey hey hey check out Rebel Elements!

110k word, word,
word, word
110k word, word,
it's all the hot rage.

Bayan has got a problem, see, his family sold him out.
and on the long long ride to prison school, all he does is pout.
His magic's gettin' poisoned,
Assassins gather round,
He's got to face his rage before it brings the empire down!

110k epic new adult,
new adult, new adult,
110k epic new adult,
it's all the hot rage.

So, yo, what's a guy to do when his world starts crashin' down?
Give up on his friends and wait to die down on the ground?
Bayan has gotta choose the tale that's written on the page,
Will he stand up for himself or will he give in to his rage?

Top 100 Fantasy, epic new adult
All the hot rage,
Top 100 Fantasy, epic new adult,
It's all that hot rage.

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