Editing Achievement: Unlocked!

I got Traitor Savant back from my editing team today! It's all pretty and shiny, and I'm so excited I could burst! The cover art date isn't for another three weeks, but I'm crazy impatient right now. Rebel Elements is selling so well, I'd love to throw Traitor Savant up for sale the moment its cover art is ready. Why must that time frame be so far away from now?

Why won't this TARDIS go any faster??

I'm so thrilled to have gotten another chance to work with Karen and Lynn over at Red Adept's Editing Services. They're the bomb. Karen, my fantasy editor, really knows her stuff, and she's the same kind of weird as I am. We clicked immediately over book one, and it was pure joy to get to listen to her jauntily berate me on my word choices and plot holes in book two as well. 

So, here I sit, thrilled with my clean and polished manuscript. Today, I'm one vital, enormous step closer to the release of book two: Traitor Savant, Second Seal of the Duelists. It's a good day. A very good day, indeed.

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  1. Gummie gummeie gimmie gimmie I'm a huge fan. I loved Rebel Elements and the coverart is great but id be fine with no coverart if meant I could get it sooner. Keep up the brilliant work.